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TDE for turnkey projects since 1991.
who we are?


TDE is the only company which continues the services in the sea aquarium building industry for more than 20 years in Turkey. TDE is a building company which has a wide project management experience, conducting turnkey city aquarium projects and aquariums in the world. Its area of expertise is planning, design and detailed design, evaluation engineering, exhibit area design, habitat replication, and giant aquariums.

TDE makes a partnership with its customers in every unique and exiting work it does and serves special designs and projects of the highest quality and at the shortest time possible, with convenient budgets. TDE makes the production of special production coral and habitat replications which are the integral part of the aquariums and life support system equipments in its headquarter building having a closed area of 1500 m2 in Güzelbahçe, Izmir. It also has quarantine and adaptation pools with a capacity of 300.000 liters for sharks, rays and other kind of species.

TDE also conducts a TUBITAK R&D projects with the university-private sector cooperation in order to support the environment friendly technologies.
what do we do?

Public Aquariums

Boutique Aquariums

Filtration System Production

Fish Supply

what happened?

White Gold Hotel & SPA

Son butik akvaryum projesini White Gold Hotel & SPA tamamlayan TDE ,akvaryum ziyaretçileri ve müşterisinden yine tam not aldı.

Uluslararası İnterzoo Evcil Hayvan ve İhtiyaçları Fuarı

Almanya'nın Nürnberg şehrinde yapılan Uluslararası İnterzoo evcil hayvan ve ihtiyaçları fuarında İş ortağı firması ile birlikte katılan TDE ürünleri ile ülkemizi temsil ederken ,katılımcılardan da yoğun ilgi gördü.

TDE Türkmenistan projesi

TDE Türkmenistan projesi  son hızla devam ediyor.

TDE'nin Yeni Projesi

TDE yeni projesi Mısır'ın en büyük akvaryumu olacak dev yüzme resifi projesi için iş ortağı AQUALİFE ile projeye start verdi.